Note: This module has been obsoleted by the new command InitialMapCommand, but I'll keep it here for historical reasons.

This module let's the user save the size and position of windows which doesn't save it themselves. The module is started at the beginning of the session and lies in the background waiting for new windows to open. When a new window opens, FvwmSaveWindow looks in it's configuration-file to see if the window has saved geometry, and in that case resizes and moves the window accordingly.

To save the geometry of a window, you must call the module from for example a menu or a key (see below for examples).

Note: This is a very early alpha version which isn't tested that thourougly. It is distributed in the hope that someone might find it useful.
Note 2: I have only tested this module with Fvwm 2.5.30.



Add a line to start the module in your .fvwm2rc, maybe in the StartFunction.

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ "I" Module FvwmSaveWindow

To save the state of a window add something like this to your .fvwm2rc:

Key F1 A C SendToModule FvwmSaveWindow save


AddToMenu Window-Ops
+ "Save window geometry" SendToModule FvwmSaveWindow save

The one recognized action is save, which (surprise, surprise) saves the geometry of the window.

Set the name of the save-file:

*FvwmSaveWindow: File window-settings

The file is saved in your fvwm-data-directory, i.e. ~/.fvwm/, so ensure you dont have a file called window-settings there already.


Fix the automake stuff so it can be compiled inside the fvwm-source-tree. Add a function to remove windows from the config-file.




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